FORUM Platform | 4ROOMS

FORUM is a community of professionals providing solutions for their clients to shape the environments in which we live. Our solutions take shape by following a cycle of strategic planning, practice areas, research development and shared services. We defined the relationship between the components of the creative ecosystem called 4ROOMS.

SP | Strategic Planning

We formulate the strategy based on related environment. Through the various planning tools such as meetings, research and database analysis, we are creating the strategy that fits each client. It guides a project to achieve the goal and plan to be implemented throughout the process.

PA | Practice Areas

The company pushes back the frontiers of language and culture to complete projects in Europe, in the America and in Asia. This has helped us truly understand how to operate globally. This insight lets the company execute multi-tiered design plans that simultaneously include architecture, urban planning, interior and graphics design, research with both a strategy team and a project team.

PR | Planning Research

FORUM doesn’t limit itself to projects of a single type, and while the company’s staff possesses experience relating and designing a wide variety of projects, it will continue to be developed as a research project. It involves analyzing the process of the project and building the context of productive asset. Often, self motivated research projects launch for a coherent discipline of the field. And this process promotes the new viewpoints for the industries and can creating valuable database for the problem solving.

SS | Shared Services

Our shared service department is responsible for the financial stability and the resourcing the effective service to the providers. Balancing the sharing between the efficiency and the profitability is the main focus of the team.